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The Fifth Dentist in search of Sid’s TreasureA Tribute to the Sultan of Striptease

“A touching, heartwarming, often hilarious journey of a dentist’s attempt to escape his legacy; that he is the son of the Sultan of Strip Tease”


My Friends Think I’m Funny »

a comedy. a tragedy.
a web-series.
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Last Chance Mr. Giggles »

“Last Chance Mr Giggles,” is a documentary style show featuring 8 comedians. Known as a “Chorus Line for comics,” “Last Chance” looks at the lives of 8 veteran comedians who are friends and examines the daily struggles and sacrifices that they make for the love of performing. What will they do when they get to audition for what may very well be their last shot at fame? Steve Marshall, comedian and writer, is the director.